• Corentin Combalbert

    Creative, Curious & Serious

    Specialized in the development of new trends and needs in the hospitality Industry, I am a consultant in the digital and sales for 17 independant hotels in Paris, France.

  • My vision of hospitality industry

    Hospitality industry is in a bend thanks to the sharing economy. It pushes hoteliers to construct a new mindset.


    The real question is, what are the new wants of tourists ? The answer is in all new brands which are created by the internatinal hotel chains like Accor (JO&JOE), Marriott (MOXY), Generator hostels, etc... It means:

    - Collectivity

    - Community

    - Local

    - High-tech

    - Ease of us

    - Self-containment


    But the question is: As an hotelier, how can I have competitiveness compared to these new types of brands ?

    It is by the partnership with start-ups and innovative companies which are affecting the hospitality industry with positive side-effects.


    It seems easy on the paper, but this industry is changing so fast that they need to be updated every quarter.


    This is why I love this industry, there are a lot of changes, and as a future professional I will have the know-how to work on these wants and needs.

  • Schools and Paper qualification

    Hospitality Management Hotel School New position

    A level

    Teilhard de Chardin Highshool

    2007 - 2011

    Economic and Social Science / A Level

    Hospitality Management Hotel School New position

    Bachelor degree

    International Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management

    2011 - 2014

    1st year : Vatel Paris

    2nd year : Vatel Switzerland

    3rd year : Vatel Paris - Best Hotel project of the year

    Hospitality Management Hotel School New position

    MBA I

    International Hospitality, Tourism and Luxury Brands + Bachelor in Science in Luxury Hospitality Management


    Hospitality Management Hotel School New position

    MBA II

    International Hospitality, Tourism and Luxury Brands.


    Hospitality Management Hotel School New position

    Google Certification - Digital Active

    Fundamentals of Digital Marketing


  • Experiences

  • Hotel Executive Solution

    (Hospitality Constuling)


    From May 2016

    Community Manager

    • Manage 15 facebook pages + Instagram and other social media
    • Rise the number of fans and followers
    • Establish the importance of the web strategy regarding social media in the priority list of hoteliers
    Digital communication
    • Improve the digital reputation 
    • Synchronise the OTA's information
    • Bring new corporate contracts to hotels
    • Establish new tool for mailing campaign (more than 5000 mails sent)

    Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne 5* - Switzerland - OPEN ENDED CONTRACT


    July 2014 - August 2015

    • Room attribution
    • Bookings
    • Invoice verification
    • Set up monitoring for Leaders Club Members registration
    • Handling guests complaints and negatives issues

    Courtyard by Marriott 4* - France - TRAINING

    Sales & Marketing Coordinator

    November 2015 - May 2016

    • Settle new digital communication strategy
    • Responsible of the digital communication
    • Sales and marketing Audit
    • Membre of the Green Comitee
    • Creation of new Voucher, Flyers, Menu, ... 

    Oxford International College - Switzerland - FIXED TERM CONTRACT

    Communication Coordinator

    May 2013 - September 2013

    • Creating templates for mailing campaigns
    • Mailing campaign management
    • School launching

    Royal Plaza 5* - Switzerland - TRAINING

    Reception / Reservations / Conciergerie

    March 2013 - September 2013



    • Handling guetss complaints and negative issues
    • Room attribution
    • Individual and group bookings
    • Tourtistic trips organization
    • Coordinator between Monterux Jazz Festival and Hotel guests

    Le Logelback - France - FIXED TERM CONTRACT

    Restaurant Manager

    July 2012 - August 2012

    • Cashier supervisor (opening and closure)
    • F&B set-up
    • In charge of customer payments

    Hilton Arc de Triomphe 4* (now Hôtel du Collectionneur) - France - TRAINING

    Restaurant clerk / Room Service

    December 2012 - April 2012



    • Service
    • In charge of 30 seats during Christmas and New Year time
    Room Service Waiter
    • Phone order taking
    • Service
  • Language spoken




    Fluent - C1



    Beginner - A2


    Beginner - A1

  • What I do

    Here, you will have a little sample of some projects I worked on.

    Manage to publish an article in Paris ZigZag website for the Regent's Garden Hotel**** - Paris


    Organized and managed a presentation in front of 15 hotel owners and general managers about the new trends of the Hospitality industry


    Some of my production for Hotels in Paris (Flyers, Brochures, and social network Banners)


    Research Paper - MBA1 - IEMI CMH


    "The sharing economy in the hospitality market, pet peeve or opportunity ?"


    Hackaton - MBA2 - IEMI CMH - 1st price


    “Strategic Plan to attract longer stays” - Zoku Appart Hotel"


    Capstone - MBA2 - IEMI CMH - 1st price


    Create 5 projects which improve the brand identity of the Royal Savoy, London


    Regent's Garden Hotel**** - Paris


    Promotion video about the cocktail of the month


  • Contact 

    For further information do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to answer you !